“fucking idiot”

— me to me (via v-ws)


Artist’s interpretation of Disney characters facing the struggles of today in real life; from animal testing, plastic surgery, racism to global warming and homelessness…

These are so thought provoking


you’re brushing your teeth when suddenly your mint toothpaste tastes like eggs. do you

a)  power through and continue brushing
b)  wash your mouth out
c)  go to your fridge and get out the eggs and bite one to see if it tastes minty



"Triplets born late yesterday -two boys and a girl!”

Zodiac Mini Stud


"I reckon Harry is the creepiest [member of 1D], he looks like Tim Burton drew him." -Nick

My best friend Erica is the coolest at doodles.


"Nothing can dim the light that shines from within." -Maya Angelou